Saturday, May 30, 2009

Green City Market - Chicago

On a beautiful Saturday, enjoying rhubarb, honey and mint sorbet, we strolled in Lincoln Park among the crowds and between the organic stalls at Green City. So early in the season, the first days of Spring (yes, Spring in Chicago starts late), the Asparagus stole the show at the market.

Can it get better?


Amy said...

In Germany, they party when the spargel (asparagus) comes in. Restaurants have special spargelfest menus preparing spargel every which way.

Elie said...

I love it from famer's market this time of year. You can eat it raw even with some salsa, and a beer.

Dora said...

the organic honey-rhubarb sorbet at the market was the hit with Elias - before we could even try it he had finished it up!