Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Elie, love the name. Love the picture.
Love NAHA. This was my first trip to NAHA and I couldn't have been more satisfied. I walked in with two colleagues and was seated by the window along Clark Street- just beautiful. The space is open and refreshing, but not bare. And the pop music added a kind of informality to what is a very formal dining experience.Because it was cold and rainy (actually, my only pseudo-complaint is that the heat needed to be turned up a bit), I started with the soup of the day- a potato soup. The presentation was beautiful! Cool, fresh tuna in the center of the bowl, the warm soup poured around it table-side.For lunch the halibut with sweet potatoes and other seasonal flavors. It was perfect. The halibut was light and moist, and there was a warm sauce poured on top, which again, was fitting for a rainy October day. I left nothing. Dessert- the almond clafoutis. We all oo'd and ah'd when the desserts came. From the foam creme anglaise to the spaghetti thin sugar sticks, it was gorgeous. I must admit I was a bit confused when I first bit into the clafoutis- I was most excited about the almond, and didn't taste much of it. I couldn't complain though- the fresh, farm blueberries were a treat, and they made up for anything I, at first, was missing.In all, a wonderful experience and I completely understand what all the hype has been about. I can't wait to go back- for dinner.


Elie said...

When we went there for dinner, I fell in love with the Quail entree with foie gras. It was succulent. I do think NAHA is one of the very top restaurants and chef Carry does a good job sustaining top quality. I wish I could eat there often.

Elie said...

Coordinates for Naha

500 N Clark St
(between Grand Ave & Illinois St)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 321-6242

Sapna said...

Ankur & I have been there twice, and we have LOVED it both times. The ambiance is great and the food is amazing. And Elie, yes, your quail was excellent! :) I'll never forget our 30th birthday celebration there!

dora said...

I believe it was SQUAB! and it looked like it was going to fly off your plate if my memory serves correct. But boy do we remember you enjoying it!
Of course, I don't remember my meal, but I can still taste the desserts - especially the apple sundae gooey goodness...