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Mixteco Grill: a Mexican Adventure

Do you ever feel while eating at a restaurant that something really special is happening in the kitchen? That sort of feeling typically comes to me when I eat at a place for the first time and feel really really happy. This is exactly what happened last night while eating at Mixteco Grill, a newish Mexican restaurant in Chicago. I started with the Uchepos Gratinados, an addictive corn tamal with green poblano sauce and cheese. The green poblano sauce was sexy, flavorful and the tamal perfectly moist. I could have a hundred of these. Then, I had pork chops in a yellowish pumpkin seed infused mole. It was just terrific. Overall, a beautiful, creative and welcome addition to an already outstanding Mexican lineup in Chicago.

Al's Deli

Simple Sandwiches can be outstanding. Think about it: Amazing bread, two slices of Turkey or Ham, a slice or two of cheese (mine is provolone), and condiments (nothing for me). There you have it. A perfect sandwich. Well, Al's Deli is the best in my world at just offering delicious simplicity. For that reason, they just won a Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award.

Yours truly delivering the award to the two brothers in charge. Read more about Al's Deli here and here.

2 reasons I love Starbucks today

1) Free coffee for all who vote
2) Christmas cups

Essentially, Starbucks gave me an extra Christmas. I woke up at 6am soo excited to go vote (it literally was the same feeling I used to have on Christmas morning when I would wake up early to go see my stocking). The free coffee and Christmas cup made it that much more real.

(Disclaimer: I apologize to all anti-corporate activists for this post- ie. Thea Voula :))