Tuesday, October 21, 2008

60th Birthday Cake

Well, I am sorry I missed it, but it did look good. I will post a picture later. The cake I bought was from Three Tarts Bakery in Northbrook (threetartsbakery.com). It is a wonderful family bakery that I should frequent more often. I wanted to get their COLUMBIER CAKE: Almond cake with orange zest, but it called too late.
More importantly, the cake was intended for a 60th birthday of a wonderful person. This is what makes the whole occasion that much better.

p.s. Elena: we should make that Columbier at home one day!


Elena said...

Thank you for the cake!!! It's definitely a winner we'll have to keep in mind for future birthdays.

Elena said...

And I'm in for the Columbier- I'm trying to find a good recipe. Does it use almond flour (I actually have some!)?

Elena said...

Elie, you'll have to translate...
Pour un moule à manqué de 28 cm :
- 250 g de poudre d'amandes
- 100 g de farine (avec levure incorporée)
- 150 g de sucre en poudre
- 175 g de beurre
- 3 oeufs
- 400 g de melon confit
- 50 ml de liqueur d’oranges (type Grand Marnier)
- confiture d’abricot et 100 g d’amandes effilées pour décorer le dessus du gâteau
- une petite colombe en céramique
- une bande de pâte d’amandes verte

Elie said...

YES! I think almond flour (poudre d'amande)
flour with yeast in it
powedered sugar
melon preserve (I think)
Grand Marnier
apricot jam for decoration

i am not sure what a Bandes d'amande verte...
wow.. m

miss kitty said...

yes! I would love to try it next time we are in town...and it will be a "Just Because" cake!