Thursday, April 9, 2009

Prairie Grass Cafe

Well, it took a while before we made it back to Prairie Grass Cafe, and after I went back home, I was thinking seriously of when I will be back here again (Update: I went again on Friday night and had another amazing meal!). Let me say at the outset, chef Sarah Stegner's kitchen belongs up there among the top in the area for producing some amazing food using midwest ingredients grown by organic/friendly to animals farms. From the simple pesto pizza with ramp and an organic fried egg, to some wonderful homemade lamb sausage, to the out of the world Halibut on a bed of (crunchy) beans sprinkled with baby greens, to the friendly service and the beautiful room. Bravo PGC.

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Elena said...

Sounds delicious! Is it similar to Campagnola? It's nice to hear of restaurants in the Chicago suburbs that use local ingredients.

As I'm in California now, I'm itching to try Alice Water's Chez Panisse - really one of the first restaurants to commit to sustainability.