Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grilled Pizza? Yes, please invite me over when you throw one on

I just saw a recipe from Martha's (something) about making a pizza on the grill. Really simple, it says: 1) get dough and shape it like a pizza, 2) brush both sides with olive oil, 3) throw it on the Weber for 4-5 minutes, flip it, 4) top it with your ingredients, and Voila! We put (like the recipe suggested) fontina cheese, and then when it came out, fresh arugula with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. It was AMAZING. I really liked the charred pieces of dough with the crispy edges, and the elegance of it. Plus, the arugula added a nice bite with its slight bitterness and the muted taste of the fontina. And of course, is there anything better than dough, salt, and cheese, all warm and gooey? No there is not. This is just another way to enjoy pizza that is simple, quick and guaranteed to beat almost all of your local delivery options (add Italian ham on top of the arugula next time).


outdoorgriller said...

That pizza looks great.I try and eat healthier pizzas too and I just throw on a lot of veggies and a few pieces of meat and I am done. If you would like to see the collection of tips and recipes I have for grilling you can visit

Elie said...

Ah! your Grilled Onion Pizza sounds GREAT! I will try that next time ( I also like the one with feta).
Thanks for the link.